Changes to payment options for online shopping

We’ve been trading online now for almost 12 months. Unfortunately due to misuse of online shopping from some international customers, we have disabled credit card and paypal transactions for orders requiring international shipment. Moving forward the only available payment method for orders requiring international shipping, will be direct deposit.

We understand that this may effect genuine customers however security and prevention of misuse and fraudulent activity is essential to our business.

We advise international customers who are not able to pay via direct deposit/bank wire to contact us directly for alternative payment options.

We have also worked with the bank and our merchant payment gateway to increase the security of credit card transactions whilst qualifying credit card owners prior to accepting payment.

Please note, Blooms Design does not collect or store credit card information on our website. Our payment gateway is eWay, a verified and secure payment gateway which complies with Australian standards set by the bank. Credit card details entered on our site is configured to be sent directly to eWay for the management of your personal details (under no circumstance is it collected and stored on our server or systems. Blooms Design can not see your credit card information). Our website utilises a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to encrypt the data which links the web servers. This ensures that the data remains private whilst in transition between our website and to eWay.

Your credit card information (held by eWay) is not shared with our business or any third party vendors. Our decision to alter payment methods for international customers is not related to any of our customer’s data/information being at risk. Therefore you may remain confident that your credit card details are secure with our merchant eWay.

The decision to remove credit card purchases from international sales was a decision made to protect our own business from fraudulent card holders making false purchases through our online store (misuse).

If you are an Australian domestic customer and find that you can not pay for your goods using your credit card, please contact us directly and we will verify the security settings and reasons why your card may have not been accepted.

To all our loyal customers shopping with us online. Thank you for your support. We hope that we can continue delivering a convenient level of service and we apologies on behalf of customers who have misused online shopping to their advantage.