About Us

Blooms Design has been celebrating the style of Australian women in ready to wear apparel for over 20 years. Beginning with the original founders of the Blooms Design label, the current management team and creative directors have evolved and grown with each generation of customer, while adding a fresh contemporary interpretation to every original Blooms creation.
Blooms is unique and proud of having such a long standing history in offering Australian made garments. We understand that the modern Australian woman loves the effortless elegance of our products. Being locals we know intimately what women look for in clothing; from the best styles which flatter every shape for a work day, to the grace and sheer joy of dressing for every one of life’s most memorable occasions. Our fabrics are easy to wear and durable yet low in maintenance. The customer centric focus of Blooms stems from the concept definition phase, right through to our production and manufacturing network. At the final stage of delivery to our stores, you will be simply delighted by the quality service and care of our staff.
Every garment and accessory has been created and chosen by the Blooms team with a genuine love for modern sophistication, and with the needs and aspirations of you, the elegant Australian woman, in mind.